Arzew Petrochemicals Complex
Facility Type: Petrochemical
Scope: New Construction
Owner: Total S.A.; Sonatrach
Location: Arzew  Algeria
Region: Africa
Modified:  October 13, 2008

Project description

Executives with Total S.A. and Sonatrach on Dec. 4, 2007, signed a framework agreement to build a petrochemical complex in Arzew, which is located in Algeria's Oran province along the country's northwestern coast.

The new facility will feature an ethane cracker and three product lines. The 1.4-metric ton/year cracker will receive feed gas from fields in southern Algeria. The cracker will produce 1.1 million metric tons of ethylene annually. The ethylene subsequently will be processed into 800,000 metric tons/year polyethylene (via two units) and 550,000 metric tons/year monoethylene glycol. The polyethylene produced at the facility will include 350,000 metric tons/year of high-density polyethylene and 450,000 metric tons/year of linear low-density polyethylene. According to Total, the products will be manufactured primarily for export but some will be sold domestically.

Total expects operations at the new facility to begin in 2014.

Major unit:
ethane cracker
ethylene (1.1M metric tons/year); polyethylene (800,000 metric tons/year [2 units]); mono-ethylene-glycol (550,000 metric tons/year)
1.4M metric tons per year
Technip (FEED)
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