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Swipe Right on PR: Why It's a Match for Your O&G Tech Company
(Thursday, August 25, 2016) The task of communicating, educating and marketing new technologies to key petroleum industry players can seem daunting and almost impossible.

OPINION: Pipeliners Building Another Kind of Infrastructure
(Thursday, August 25, 2016) Young pipeliners building bridges to industry veterans and their wealth of knowledge.

COLUMN-Colder 2016-17 Winter Will Boost U.S. Heating Oil and Gas Demand
(Wednesday, August 24, 2016) The U.S. summer driving season ends with Labor Day on Sep 5, and the attention of the energy markets is already switching to the forthcoming winter heating season.

Please Fill Us In!
(Wednesday, August 24, 2016) Your input is important for a new DownstreamToday initiative.

Educating iGen, the Literary Way: Engineer Writes Book about Oil, Gas
(Tuesday, August 23, 2016) An engineer chose to author a children's book about oil and gas to portray a more positive side to the industry.

COLUMN-Saudi Arabia Isn't Flooding Oil Market Ahead of Freeze Talks
(Tuesday, August 23, 2016) Saudi Arabia's oil production hit a record in July, according to published statistics, and is likely to hit another in August, according to industry sources.

OPINION: Administration Attempts Overhaul Of Energy System Via Regulations
(Monday, August 22, 2016) The Obama administration has become legendary in bureaucratic circles by adopting more than 600 major rules since he took office in 2009, according to a study conducted by the American Action Forum.

'Cruel Summer?' - Refining Margins Stumble despite Record Gasoline Demand
(Monday, August 22, 2016) The title of Bananarama's 1980s hit song encapsulates Summer 2016 for refiners.

COLUMN-U.S. Natural Gas Market Rebalances on Hot Weather, Low Prices
(Friday, August 19, 2016) U.S. stocks of natural gas are rising much more slowly than normal for this time of year.

COLUMN-Freight Recovery Offers Hope for U.S. Diesel Demand in 2017
(Wednesday, August 17, 2016) U.S. freight shipments are showing tentative signs of a recovery which could underpin faster growth in diesel demand in 2017.

Louisiana's Sinking Coast a $100 Billion Nightmare for Big Oil
(Wednesday, August 17, 2016) As Louisiana's coastline recedes, tangles of pipeline are exposed to corrosive seawater; refineries, tank farms and ports are at risk.

GSM London Uses Tool to Identify Oil's Changing Landscape
(Wednesday, August 17, 2016) An interactive guide shows how oil's importers and exporters have reshaped the industry for two decades.

Drones in the Downstream: A Learning Curve
(Wednesday, August 17, 2016) "A little education can go a long way" toward advancing the technology's deployment in the downstream, says U.S.-based pro.

Natural Gas Products: Fueling Olympic Dreams
(Tuesday, August 16, 2016) Athletes competing in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games depend on products made with natural gas.

Drones in the Downstream: A Game of 'Catch-up'
(Monday, August 15, 2016) UK-based pro talks UAV tech at downstream facilities.

Carl Icahn Could Pull Some Levers With Delek: Gadfly
(Friday, August 12, 2016) In case you hadn't heard that times are tough in the oil-refining business, Carl Icahn is apparently out shopping.

How the Marshall Islands Became a Top U.S. Crude Export Destination
(Friday, August 12, 2016) Best known for diving, lagoons and the island that gave the world the name for the bikini swimsuit, the Marshall Islands is now gaining attention as a top-five destination for U.S. crude exports despite the lack of a refinery to process the oil.

COLUMN-Oil Demand Likely Rising in Sweltering Middle East
(Thursday, August 11, 2016) Saudi Arabia's power generators rely heavily on burning unrefined crude as well as residual fuel oil and diesel to meet electricity demand.

Former US Ambassador Talks Shale, Jobs Post-OPEC
(Thursday, August 11, 2016) Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan says that burgeoning youth population in the Middle East nation needs jobs.

You Want a Revolution? Trump Makes Big Promises to Oil, Gas Industry
(Wednesday, August 10, 2016) GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump pledges to freeze new regulations upon taking office, lead an "energy revolution" in the US.

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