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Trellis Energy Predicts Talent Squeeze in Oil, Gas
(Friday, February 24, 2017) An energy software company believes a widening skills gap will lead to a rise in predatory recruitment, making it difficult for smaller operators with limited resources to secure talent.

Rigzone's Staff Picks Top 5 Oil, Gas Films
(Friday, February 24, 2017) Rigzone highlights the most popular films focusing on the oil and gas industry.

COLUMN-Oil Volatility Migrates from Flat Prices to Spreads
(Friday, February 24, 2017) "Volatility can be neither created nor destroyed, rather it transforms from one form into another," is a pretty fair summary of how the oil market works (with apologies to physicists).

Border Adjustment Tax Could Produce Oil, Gas Cash Flow Bonanza
(Thursday, February 23, 2017) Industries that rely on imports to produce their goods and services – such as mid-continent refineries – fear a border adjustment tax would ruin their business model.

Don't Panic About the Gasoline Recession! Unless ... : Gadfly
(Wednesday, February 22, 2017) Since late January, gasoline demand has been running about 5 or 6 percent lower, year over year, according to the Energy Information Administration's weekly estimates.

More Than 440,000 Global Oil, Gas Jobs Lost During Downturn
(Tuesday, February 21, 2017) A report from Houston-based consulting firm Graves & Co. shows that the industry has suffered more than 440,000 jobs lost since the beginning of the most recent downturn.

Shell Takes Small Step to Fuel Toyota's Giant Hydrogen Leap
(Tuesday, February 21, 2017) There's still a long road ahead. Toyota won't disclose how much it's losing on the Mirai, which sells for $57,500 in the U.S., and only in California.

EPA Chief Woos Staff Skeptical of Tilt to Pro-Energy Mission
(Tuesday, February 21, 2017) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has taken pains to emphasize that environmental regulation and economic development can go hand in hand.

COLUMN-U.S. Natural Gas Market Tightens Despite Exceptionally Mild Winter
(Friday, February 17, 2017) Warm weather has masked how much the underlying supply and demand picture for U.S. natural gas has tightened this winter thanks to lower production and strong exports.

Op-Ed: No FERC Quorum May Delay Oil, Gas Infrastructure
(Friday, February 17, 2017) The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission agency needs a Trump appointment to give it enough members to regulate interstate pipelines and natural gas, oil infrastructure projects.

COLUMN-U.S. Diesel Demand Poised for Boost from Freight Recovery
(Thursday, February 16, 2017) Freight movements across the United States are showing signs of sustained growth, which should help push domestic diesel consumption higher this year.

Mitsubishi Heavy Bets on New US Turbomachinery Demand
(Thursday, February 16, 2017) Japan-based industrial firm expanding reach within U.S. oil and gas market.

COLUMN-Milestones On The Oil Market's Road To Rebalancing
(Tuesday, February 14, 2017) Crude oil stockpiles are expected to empty significantly during the third quarter as continued production restraint from OPEC interacts with the seasonal increase in consumption.

Daimler to Focus Smart Brand on Electric Cars in U.S., Canada
(Tuesday, February 14, 2017) It is the latest sign of struggles for small cars in the United States.

GasLog Partners Shows How to Cruise in a Frozen Market: Gadfly
(Monday, February 13, 2017) GasLog Partners LP is an unsexy business operating in decidedly ugly times. So, naturally, it's worth a look.

Japan Makes Big Push for Hydrogen Fuel Cells Derided by Musk
(Friday, February 10, 2017) Japan's enthusiasm for hydrogen contrasts with growing momentum toward electric cars in the U.S. and Europe.

COLUMN-Brent Spreads Imply Big Draw Down in Crude Stocks After June
(Friday, February 10, 2017) Brent futures prices indicate the crude market is expected to move into a deficit with a significant draw down in stocks from the middle of the year.

China Forecasts 800,000 Green Vehicle Sales in 2017 -State Media
(Friday, February 10, 2017) China forecasts more than 800,000 green energy vehicle will be sold in the country this year, an increase of at least 58 percent from 2016, state media reported on Thursday, despite the central government easing up on policy supports.

Ideal Employer Survey: Africa's Top 10
(Thursday, February 09, 2017) As Africa's energy demand rises, the continent's refiners increasingly focus on cutting sulfur from fuels. Meanwhile, its stable of E&P firms faces challenges to growth.

DNV GL Launches Digital Platform to Facilitate Collaboration
(Thursday, February 09, 2017) Oil and gas industry advisor DNV GL launches a new digital platform to facilitate connections between different industry players, domain experts and data scientists.

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