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Russell: China Oil Storage Flows Key for Crude Imports
(Wednesday, April 01, 2015) The state of China's oil storage tanks is shaping up as a key determinant of the likely path of imports by Asia's largest fuel consumer.

WoodMac: U.S. Crude Stocks Set to Decline
(Wednesday, April 01, 2015) Despite record highs in crude oil stocks, the United States has about 200 million barrels of unused crude storage capacity, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Refining in Asia Set for an Expansion Drive
(Monday, March 30, 2015) The pivot of the refining industry could shift further into Asia.

COLUMN-Who Took My Gas? Australia's LNG Boom Hurts Locals
(Monday, March 30, 2015) It's somewhat ironic that as Australia ramps up to being the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), domestic industries are under threat from not being able to source the fuel.

COLUMN-California Motorists Hit the Road Again
(Friday, March 27, 2015) California's gasoline sales are rising at some of the fastest rates for a decade, as an improving economy and lower fuel prices encourage more driving, according to state tax records.

Wood Mackenzie: Brent-LLS Differential Key to US Oil Export Competitiveness
(Wednesday, March 25, 2015) As the debate over relaxing the US crude oil export ban continues, Wood Mackenzie examines the impact a potential policy shift may have on US export crude oil flows and differentials.

Statoil Sees Britain, Germany Helping Revive Gas Demand
(Wednesday, March 25, 2015) Stricter emission rules in key European nations are more likely to boost natural gas consumption than stalled EU efforts to reform its carbon market, the head of marketing and trading at Norway's Statoil told Reuters.

Oil to Reach $100 a Barrel by End of 2016 -Pickens
(Wednesday, March 25, 2015) Oil prices could hit $100 a barrel by the end of next year, U.S. oil magnate T. Boone Pickens said on Tuesday, revising his previous forecast which said they would reach that level as early as this year.

COLUMN-Tank Tops? Cushing Isn't the Whole Oil Market
(Tuesday, March 24, 2015) Traders do not appear worried that rising oil stocks in the United States will cause storage space to run out in the next few months.

EU Seen Giving Carbon Market Compromise Tentative Backing
(Tuesday, March 24, 2015) EU nations are poised on Wednesday to back a compromise put forward by the European Union presidency to set up a reserve by "no later than 2021" to remove surplus permits that have depressed Europe's carbon market, EU sources said.

Oil ETF Investors, Not Just OPEC, Hold Sway Over Crude Market
(Tuesday, March 24, 2015) Tumult in Libya, U.S. rig counts, production plans of the oil exporting cartel and a pact on nuclear relations with Iran can all affect crude supply and demand, but oil traders have kept an equally close watch on retail investors in recent weeks.

South Korean Refiners to Profit from Cheaper Crude Oil, But...
(Monday, March 23, 2015) A leading exporter of oil products, South Korea faces a new era of competition.

COLUMN-LNG's Move to Structural Surplus Mirrors Iron Ore, Coal
(Monday, March 23, 2015) Is liquefied natural gas the next iron ore or coal, destined for an extended period of weak prices amid a shift from market deficit to structural oversupply?

COLUMN-Hedge Funds Get Short of U.S. Oil as Storage Fills
(Monday, March 23, 2015) Hedge funds have turned super-bearish about U.S. oil prices as concerns about running out of storage trump the drop in the number of rigs drilling new wells.

Cybersecurity Activity Generating Its Own Set of Big Data
(Friday, March 20, 2015) Cybersecurity analytics is generating its own Big Data, say industry experts.

COLUMN-Commodity Price Boom Over, Volume Boom Gathers Pace
(Thursday, March 19, 2015) Exports of iron ore will jump 22.5 percent between the 2014-15 fiscal year and 2019-20, while LNG shipments will triple, according to the latest quarterly report from official forecaster, Australia's Department of Industry.

COMMENTARY: Can the American Energy Revolution Survive a Deal with Iran?
(Wednesday, March 18, 2015) At a time when U.S. crude oil supplies are already at their highest level in more than 80 years and storage facilities are reaching their maximum capacity, an influx of Iranian oil could easily slice current oil prices by half.

Global Oil Glut Set to Grow as China Slows Crude Imports
(Wednesday, March 18, 2015) A global oversupply of oil is set to rise as China pauses in the build-up of its strategic reserves and Asian refineries slow crude imports ahead of the spring maintenance season, putting more downward pressure on prices.

Will Low Oil Prices Prompt Cutbacks in Cybersecurity Spending?
(Tuesday, March 17, 2015) Experts discuss the latest trends taking place in the oil and gas industry's efforts to address cybersecurity.

Wood Mackenzie: Gas Poses More Competition to Coal in Asia's Power Sector
(Tuesday, March 17, 2015) Wood Mackenzie says gas poses increasing competition to coal as a fuel choice for the power sector in Asia.

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