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India's Gas Station Oligopoly No Ticket to Fat Profits: Gadfly
(Friday, February 12, 2016) If you think oligopolies are a good route to profits, India's gas stations provide a cautionary tale.

COLUMN-U.S. Refiners Eye Gasoline Demand After Winter Storms
(Friday, February 12, 2016) Anything that indicates refiners might be about to cut the amount of crude they process has the potential to have a big impact on both crude and products price.

Digital Shadows Offers New Defense to Oil, Gas Cyberthreats
(Thursday, February 11, 2016) A UK-based company offers a new approach to cybersecurity monitoring for oil and gas and other industries.

Obama Climate Plan's Broad Scope to Face Skeptical Supreme Court
(Thursday, February 11, 2016) The U.S. Supreme Court's unexpected move to block President Barack Obama's policy to cut pollution from coal plants highlights what both sides in the legal fight agree is a key weakness in the rules.

U.S.-Iranian Businessman's Jailing Sends Chilling Message to Investors
(Thursday, February 11, 2016) Far from being welcomed back for their skills and international connections, Iranian expatriates who hope to participate in the country's economic opening may end up behind bars or worse.

Obama's Clean-Power Plan Put on Hold by U.S. Supreme Court
(Wednesday, February 10, 2016) A divided U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to cut emissions from power plants, putting on hold his most ambitious effort to combat climate change.

COLUMN-With Oil Fee, Obama Shows Plan for Sector-by-sector Carbon Price
(Wednesday, February 10, 2016) U.S. President Barack Obama's budget would raise $319 billion over 10 years from the phased introduction of an oil fee equivalent to $10.25 per barrel on crude oil, according to budget documents published on Tuesday.

OPEC Points to Larger Oil Surplus in 2016, Says Low Prices Hurting Economy
(Wednesday, February 10, 2016) OPEC points to a larger oil supply surplus on the world market this year than previously thought as Saudi Arabia and other members pump more oil.

Turns Out MLPs Aren't Immune to the Oil Market: Gadfly
(Tuesday, February 09, 2016) Master limited partnerships have long been thought of as low-risk toll roads. And that remains true in a way, judging by the toll they are taking on investors' wealth.

What Can We Expect for US Downstream Hiring in 2016?
(Tuesday, February 09, 2016) Opportunities exist for new entrants, displaced upstream workers and even retirees, but an undercurrent of caution might become more evident.

World's Largest Energy Trader Sees a Decade of Low Oil Price
(Monday, February 08, 2016) "It's hard to see a dramatic price increase," Vitol Group BV Chief Executive Officer Ian Taylor told Bloomberg.

COLUMN-India's Fading Oil Product Exports Contrast with China's Boom
(Monday, February 08, 2016) One of the dominant themes in Asia's oil products markets is the rise of Chinese fuel exports, so much so that the decline in shipments from India barely gets mentioned.

China's Natural Gas Demand Feels the Heat from Economic Slowdown
(Monday, February 08, 2016) In regard to China's gas demand growth, will the proverbial glass be half-empty or half-full in 2016?

COLUMN-Obama's Budget Will Not Lead to $10 Oil Tax
(Friday, February 05, 2016) President Barack Obama's proposed $10 per barrel oil tax, designed to address transportation issues, has no chance of becoming law says market analyst.

EU Offers Norway Warm Words Not Pledges on Gas Investment
(Friday, February 05, 2016) The European Union gave Norway reassurances about its importance as an energy partner on Friday, but stopped short of the pledges the non-EU member sought on gas demand and investment.

COLUMN-China's Teapots Will Change Dynamics of Crude Supply, Trading
(Thursday, February 04, 2016) The new entrants to China's crude market will not only boost the amount of oil imported, but are also likely to affect the supply sources and method of delivery.

Fed's Kaplan: Energy Situation May Get Worse Before Getting Better
(Thursday, February 04, 2016) Robert Kaplan, the new chief of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, said on Thursday he expects it will be early or mid-2017 before the supply of and demand for oil come into balance, with oil prices likely to be higher in a couple of years.

COLUMN-Global Oil Demand Growth Is Slowing Going into 2016
(Wednesday, February 03, 2016) The United States was one of the biggest sources of oil demand growth in 2015 but the outlook for 2016 is much more muted, according to official forecasters.

COLUMN-The One Thing in Saudi Arabia That Works Well Is Under Threat
(Wednesday, February 03, 2016) Ask almost any Saudi citizen which institution works best in his country and the answer will be Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil giant. Ask international oilmen what is the best-run national oil company in OPEC and the reply will be the same.

A New Global Oil Deal Could Draw Lessons from 1998
(Tuesday, February 02, 2016) With oil prices touching their lowest level since 2003, OPEC officials and deal brokers are looking back nearly two decades and asking whether a behind-the-scenes deal to curb oil output between OPEC and non-OPEC Russia could be struck.

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