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Trump Says He Would Exit Global Climate Accord, Slash US Oil Regulation
(Thursday, May 26, 2016) The presumptive GOP presidential nominee also said he would invite TransCanada to reapply to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the United States.

COLUMN-Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be More Active Than Normal
(Wednesday, May 25, 2016) The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through Nov. 30.

Trump Unlikely to Be Able to Renegotiate Climate Deal - UN Climate Chief
(Wednesday, May 25, 2016) Donald Trump would be "highly unlikely" to be able to renegotiate the global accord on climate change if elected U.S. president, the U.N.'s climate chief said on Wednesday, as doing so would require the agreement of 195 countries.

Shell CEO Warns Renewables Shift Could Spell End If Too Swift
(Tuesday, May 24, 2016) Royal Dutch Shell cannot switch too quickly to producing renewable energy without risking its dividend payments and even its very existence, the oil and gas group's chief executive warned.

UK Prof: Some Carbon Reduction Efforts 'Represent Total Madness'
(Monday, May 23, 2016) A Cambridge University engineering professor argues that weaning the world off fossil fuels will take much longer than some project. He suggests that a more viable option is to employ another generation of fossil fuels.

Exploding Lake, Blood-Laden Drones Spur Rwanda Tech Boom
(Friday, May 20, 2016) The latest innovation was unveiled this week when Rwanda officially opened a methane-fired power plant on Lake Kivu to generate clean energy.

COLUMN-China's Surging Crude Oil Imports for Storage May Ease
(Wednesday, May 18, 2016) China appears to be stockpiling crude oil at a faster pace than the market had expected, taking advantage of low prices but perhaps also pulling forward its demand for imported crude.

Total CEO: Oil Demand Strong, Year End Too Early for Rebalancing
(Wednesday, May 18, 2016) Oil demand in 2016 will stay strong, supporting prices, but the market is unlikely to rebalance by the year end, the Chief Executive of French oil and gas major Total, said on Wednesday.

COLUMN-India Sees Road Building As Route to Prosperity
(Wednesday, May 18, 2016) India has embarked on a massive road construction program that both reflects and will stimulate increased ownership of cars and motorcycles and drive continued rapid growth in gasoline and diesel consumption.

Noisy Mumbai Car Lots Show How India Is Becoming Oil's New Star
(Tuesday, May 17, 2016) India's gasoline consumption in the fiscal year ended in March grew at more than 14.5 percent from the year earlier, the fastest since at least 2002.

Bankruptcy Judge Rules E&Ps Can Get Out Of Midstream Contracts
(Tuesday, May 17, 2016) Final ruling by New York bankruptcy judge in the Sabine Oil & Gas case could dramatically shift the balance of power in favor of distressed E&Ps renegotiating gas gathering and treatment contracts with midstream companies.

COLUMN-Mexico's Gasoline Demand Is Growing Strongly
(Tuesday, May 17, 2016) Mexico's oil consumption has started growing again in 2016 after declining for three years between 2013 and 2015.

What Will Drive LNG Growth for the Next Decade?
(Monday, May 16, 2016) Pay attention to seven factors, Deloitte report advises.

COLUMN-India's Mobility Revolution Is Driving Global Oil Demand
(Monday, May 16, 2016) India's oil consumption has grown at an average annual rate of 5 percent over the last decade and climbed over 4 million barrels per day for the first time in the year ending in March 2016.

Texas Attorney General Backs Exxon in Climate Change Fight
(Monday, May 16, 2016) "What is Exxon Mobil's transgression? Holding a view on climate change that the Virgin Islands attorney general disagrees with," Texas' attorney general said at a news conference.

After Canada Wildfire, A Silver Lining for Businesses
(Thursday, May 12, 2016) As the Canadian city of Fort McMurray prepares to rebuild, businesses from 'man camp' suppliers to pizza parlors are preparing for a spike in demand as clean-up crews, builders and oil sands workers pour into the region.

COLUMN-Global Oil Demand Surprises on the Upside
(Thursday, May 12, 2016) Global oil consumption is growing much faster than most analysts expected at the start of the year but increases in demand remain very uneven geographically and by fuel.

Outlook for Oil Brightens As Output Disruptions Erode Surplus - IEA
(Thursday, May 12, 2016) "Any changes to our current 2016 global demand outlook are now more likely to be upwards than downwards, as gasoline demand grows strongly in nearly every key market, more than offsetting weakness in middle distillates," the IEA said.

Oil Needs Another Saudi Arabia if the EIA is Right: Gadfly
(Wednesday, May 11, 2016) Here's guessing that global oil demand never gets close to 120 million barrels a day.

Trucks, SUVs Soon to Be Majority of U.S. Vehicle Launches - Analyst
(Wednesday, May 11, 2016) The majority of U.S. vehicle launches will soon be trucks or sport utility vehicles, a leading auto analyst predicted on Wednesday, potentially hampering government plans to cut carbon emissions.

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