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Big Energy Clashes With John Kerry on How to Fix Climate Change
(Thursday, May 21, 2015) Europe’s biggest energy companies clashed with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry over who should move first on climate change, coarsening the debate on how to rein in air pollution that’s warming the planet.

Obama Scales Back Overly Ambitious Goals for Electric Car Use
(Thursday, May 21, 2015) President Barack Obama's long- standing goal to have a fully fuel-efficient government fleet and 1 million plug-in vehicles on the road will not be met.

For Gasoline Under $3, Look Anywhere in U.S. Except West Coast
(Wednesday, May 20, 2015) Might want to skip that road trip to Disneyland this summer.

COLUMN-How Do You Lose 100 Million Barrels of Oil?
(Wednesday, May 20, 2015) Oil-market watchers are struggling to reconcile the large estimated oversupply in the market with the much smaller buildup of reported inventories and narrowing contango in futures prices.

COLUMN-Shell-BG Deal May Be End Point Rather Than Harbinger
(Tuesday, May 19, 2015) There is a widespread assumption that weak commodity prices are likely to spark a wave of merger and acquisition activity as stronger companies seek to buy assets on the cheap.

Energy Expert: Summer Gas Prices to Stay Below 2014's Prices
(Tuesday, May 19, 2015) A Purdue University energy expert says motorists heading out on summer road trips can expect gas prices to remain considerably lower than last summer despite recent price increases.

Shell, Partners Developing 'Thought Leadership Paper on Wheels'
(Monday, May 18, 2015) Concept for global "city car" will be optimized for natural gas-based fuels, lubricants.

COLUMN-U.S. Refiners Dominate Western Hemisphere Markets
(Friday, May 15, 2015) The United States is fast becoming the major refining hub for the entire western hemisphere as plentiful crude at home and superior efficiency enable U.S. refiners to grab market share across the region.

The $150 Billion Income Windfall That Disappeared Under Mattress
(Thursday, May 14, 2015) One of the oft-repeated tropes during the bear market in oil last year was that lower fuel costs would serve as a "tax cut for the consumer" that would boost spending elsewhere.

How The Next Generation Will Change the Face of Oil, Gas
(Thursday, May 14, 2015) The oil and gas industry's experience gap poses a threat to competitiveness in an ever-changing, and often volatile, global marketplace.

U.S. Oil Execs See Little Hope for Crude Price Bounce This Year -Survey
(Wednesday, May 13, 2015) Nearly half of U.S. oil and gas company executives expect Brent crude oil prices to remain below $60 a barrel this year, and a third believe price volatility will extend into 2016, according to a KPMG survey released Wednesday.

EDITORIAL: Harold Hamm: Help Foreign Refiners - Export US Oil
(Wednesday, May 13, 2015) Continental Resources Inc. CEO Harold Hamm has a plan to help an industry suffering from increased competition – foreign refineries, the U.S.-based CRUDE Coalition argues.

Drone Alone: Unmanned Aircraft in Oil, Gas Inspection
(Tuesday, May 12, 2015) Rigzone looks at how drones are being used to replace human beings for oil and gas inspection work.

OPINION: EPA Issues Roadmap for Environmental Justice
(Monday, May 11, 2015) What does "environmental justice" entail?

Saudi Arabia, Iran and the 'Gateway of Tears'
(Monday, May 11, 2015) The Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which separates Yemen and Africa, witnesses daily transit of approximately 4 million barrels of crude oil.

Most U.S. Drivers in Decade to Hit the Road for Memorial Day
(Friday, May 08, 2015) U.S. travel over the May 25 Memorial Day weekend is poised to reach a 10-year high as Americans with more money in their pockets are lured onto the roads by lower prices at the pump.

COLUMN-China Commodity Imports Add to Slowing Growth Narrative
(Friday, May 08, 2015) If the state of China's economy was to be judged solely on the strength of imports of major commodities, it would be a reasonable conclusion that things were pretty much fine.

Boone Pickens Sees Oil Rising, Bets on Bush for White House
(Friday, May 08, 2015) Billionaire investor T. Boone Pickens, who cemented his fortune with bets on oil companies, said the price of oil would likely hit $75 dollars a barrel by yearend as demand revives.

Downstream Roundup: Light Crude Abundance Changing US Refining
(Thursday, May 07, 2015) New capacity investments are underway at refineries and other downstream facilities.

U.S. Seen Joining Biggest Oil Exporters If Ban Is Lifted
(Wednesday, May 06, 2015) America would be capable of sending as much as 2.4 million barrels a day overseas in 2025 if federal policy makers were to eliminate restrictions on most crude exports, an analysis by Turner, Mason & Co. for EIA shows.

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