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Banamex, Regulator Clash Over Who Played Key Role in Loan Fraud
(Monday, July 21, 2014) Preliminary findings of a probe by Citigroup's Mexican unit, Banamex, into how it lost more than $500 million in a corporate loan fraud differ markedly from the results of a separate investigation by the Mexican banking regulator.

Oil Trains, Born of U.S. Energy Boom, Face Test in New Safety Rules
(Friday, July 18, 2014) North Dakota's Bakken oil patch has thrived thanks in large part to the once-niche business of hauling fuel on U.S. rail tracks. New safety rules may now test the oil train model.

Britain Urges Deeper EU Carbon Market Reforms Than Proposed
(Wednesday, July 16, 2014) Britain said it wants deeper reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System than those proposed by the European Commission and Germany, favouring cancelling hundreds of millions of carbon permits over launching a tool to regulate market supply.

Putin Tells BRICS to Set Up Energy Bloc to Boost Safety
(Tuesday, July 15, 2014) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday proposed setting up a BRICS energy association, which would include a fuel reserve, to increase the energy security of emerging nations.

Statoil, GE, Ferus Develop CNG Solution to Bakken Flaring
(Monday, July 14, 2014) Statoil's new container system for capturing natural gas will help reduce flaring in the Bakken just when more restrictive flaring rules go into effect.

COLUMN-Capturing CO2 Emissions Remains Frustratingly Expensive
(Friday, July 11, 2014) Progress toward deploying the technology remains achingly slow.

Global Biofuel Output Expansion to Slow by 2023 - OECD/FAO
(Friday, July 11, 2014) A United Nations agency and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development expect ethanol and biodiesel output to hit 158 billion liters and 40 billion liters, respectively.

IEA: US Oil Boom To Extend Into 2015, Risks High
(Friday, July 11, 2014) Growth in global oil demand will accelerate next year as the world economy expands, according to the IEA.

COLUMN-Want Energy Independence? Keep the Nuclear Option and Limit Exports
(Friday, July 11, 2014) The very notion that the United States can be completely self-sufficient when it comes to supplying our domestic need for energy consumption is seriously flawed.

Grid Says UK Shale Gas Could Meet A Third Of Demand By 2030s
(Thursday, July 10, 2014) A third of Britain's gas needs could come from its own shale gas by the early 2030s if government policies and economic growth allow firms to invest in gas exploration, National Grid says.

OPEC's Oil Market Share to Shrink in 2015, Despite Growing Demand
(Thursday, July 10, 2014) OPEC expects its share of the world oil market to shrink in 2015 for a third year running, due in part to the U.S. shale oil boom, giving the exporter group little comfort from an acceleration in global demand.

COLUMN-Pentagon Uses Wrong Oil Price and Fails to Hedge Fuel Bill
(Wednesday, July 09, 2014) The U.S. Department of Defense has been using the wrong oil price in its budget, leaving the largest single buyer of fuel in the world with liabilities potentially hitting billions of dollars.

Senator: Mexico Energy Laws Likely To Be Approved By Early August
(Tuesday, July 08, 2014) Mexican laws that lay out the fine print of a landmark energy sector overhaul approved last year should be passed by lawmakers in early August at the latest, a ruling party senator says.

COLUMN-U.S. Transportation Stocks for the Long Haul
(Monday, July 07, 2014) The transportation sector is particularly sensitive to oil and fuel prices. With the ongoing turmoil in Iraq - and resulting spike in oil prices - it will be a good idea to keep a close eye on this sector

Brussels, Berlin Still At Odds Over Green Energy Law
(Thursday, July 03, 2014) A ruling from the EU's highest court on Tuesday raised hopes in Germany that its revamped renewables legislation - which aims in part to shelter heavy industry from the cost of funding green energy - was already in line with EU law.

COLUMN-Asian Crude Markets Are Adjusting to Iraqi Risk
(Wednesday, July 02, 2014) Events seldom unfold in isolation and the recent surge in sectarian violence in Iraq appears to be leading to some shifts in Asian crude oil markets.

COLUMN-Political Risk Is Evident Everywhere Except the Markets
(Wednesday, July 02, 2014) "Geopolitical risk" turns out to have surprisingly little impact on the valuation of oil and most financial assets.

COLUMN-Australia's Dependency on Chinese Commodity Appetite Increases
(Tuesday, July 01, 2014) Australia still has the Union Jack on its flag and the British queen on its coins, and was once described as the U.S. "deputy sheriff" in Asia, but the real dependency relationship is with China.

Following Long Ban, U.S. Could Dominate Global Light Oil Supply
(Monday, June 30, 2014) After decades of isolation, the United States is set to become a major player in the global trade of ultra light oil as recent government export approvals attract interest across the world.

TPCOA: Corpus Christi Region A Good Fit for New Steel Mill
(Friday, June 27, 2014) New pipe mill in the heart of the Eagle Ford will be the largest single U.S. investment by a Chinese company.

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