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COLUMN-Should We Worry as Oil Stocks Hit 3 Billion Barrels?
(Friday, November 20, 2015) Nearly 3 billion barrels of crude petroleum and refined products are being stored by oil firms in the advanced economies according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
(Thursday, November 19, 2015) It's more than just the title of a famous "spaghetti western" movie.

COLUMN-India, Not China, Powering Growth in Fuel Demand
(Thursday, November 19, 2015) India's total demand for oil products is about one one-third of that in China, but the South Asian nation is powering up as China's growth moderates.

America's Greatest Professional Problem (and we're not talking about it)
(Thursday, November 19, 2015) There are some careers that require specific qualifications.

EU Energy Boss Wants Urgent Push for Closer Energy Union
(Wednesday, November 18, 2015) Europe's energy boss said on Wednesday EU member states lacked sufficient alternatives to Russian supplies and called for "an urgent political push" for strategic power and gas links to share resources.

Analyst: Oil Supply and Demand to Rebalance in 2016
(Wednesday, November 18, 2015) Evercore ISI expects oil prices next year to settle in the $60s per barrel, once demand increases and supply finally declines.

COLUMN-California's Gasoline Demand Slowed Over the Summer
(Wednesday, November 18, 2015) California motorists drive almost 1 billion miles every day, and in doing so consume around 40 million gallons of gasoline and 8 million gallons of diesel.

What's Your Opinion of DownstreamToday?
(Wednesday, November 18, 2015) Please take a moment to complete DownstreamToday's 2015 Content Survey.

China Swims in an Ocean of Diesel, with No Apparent End in Sight
(Wednesday, November 18, 2015) China is awash in diesel and is exporting its excess production.

AAA Forecasts a Smaller Jump in Thanksgiving Travel
(Tuesday, November 17, 2015) The number of motorists on U.S. roadways during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is likely to rise only modestly, AAA estimated on Tuesday, suggesting that the recent surge may be weakening as low gas prices become less of a novelty.

Deloitte: Timing Matters in a Downstream 'Internet of Things' Strategy
(Tuesday, November 17, 2015) The Internet of Things can build customer loyalty, optimize processes and add revenue streams, but deploying it in the downstream demands good timing and more.

Iraq Oil Deal, Gas Finds, Could Help Egypt Become Energy Export Hub
(Monday, November 16, 2015) Egypt has signed an agreement with Jordan and Iraq to allow Iraqi crude oil and natural gas to flow through Jordan and into Egypt, potentially for re-export to European markets.

Iran Return to Intensify Europe Oil-Price Competition, IEA Says
(Friday, November 13, 2015) Oil price competition in Europe is set to intensify when Iranian crude returns to the market after sanctions on its nuclear program are lifted, the International Energy Agency said.

Coal's Cruel Fortune: Its Biggest Market Is Also the Windiest
(Friday, November 13, 2015) Here's how bad U.S. coal has it these days: The region that has for years burned the most coal also happens to be the windiest.

Russia's Oil Rivalry With Saudis Masks the Bigger Iranian Threat
(Thursday, November 12, 2015) Competition is growing in Russia's biggest oil market. While Saudi Arabia's encroachment in Europe is getting all the attention, the greatest threat comes from another part of the Middle East -- Iran.

OPEC Sees Oil Surplus Shrinking in 2016, but Underlines Current Glut
(Thursday, November 12, 2015) OPEC said its oil output fell in October and forecast supply from rival producers next year would decline for the first time since 2007 as low prices prompt investment cuts, reducing a global supply glut.

Why Are Oil and Gas Companies Calling for More Action on Climate Change?
(Thursday, November 12, 2015) The benefit of a broad-based, well-designed carbon price is that it encourages improvements in energy efficiency as well as shifts in the fuel mix, argues BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley.

COLUMN-Fuel Oil Looks Overvalued Ahead of Chinese Demand Drop
(Wednesday, November 11, 2015) What will happen to all the fuel oil that used to be bought by small Chinese refiners?

OMV CEO, Ex-German Chancellor in Call for Better Russia/EU Relations
(Wednesday, November 11, 2015) OMV is banking on better relations between Europe and Russia after making several deals in recent months with Gazprom.

Everything You Need to Know About the Exxon Climate Change Probe
(Tuesday, November 10, 2015) Exxon Mobil received a subpoena last week by New York's attorney general seeking documents in a probe that aims to determine whether it lied to investors and consumers, or withheld information about the effects of climate change.

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