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Oil Demand Growth Slowing at 'Remarkable' Pace -West Energy Agency
(Thursday, September 11, 2014) World oil demand growth is softening at a remarkable pace as the European and Chinese economies falter, the West's energy watchdog said on Thursday.

EU Gas Supply Study, Due Soon, to Look at Short and Long Term
(Thursday, September 11, 2014) The European Union's study on protecting itself from possible cuts in Russian gas supply, due next week, will look at this winter as well as a longer perspective, its outgoing energy commissioner said.

Islamic State's Financial Independence Poses Quandary for Its Foes
(Thursday, September 11, 2014) Islamic State relies on a mixture of taxation, oil sales.

After Hiatus, Keystone XL Pipeline Battle Has Resumed
(Wednesday, September 10, 2014) G. Allen Brooks examines the issues that could change the dynamics of the approval process.

COLUMN-Worst Time for Saudi Arabia's Giant New Oil Refinery
(Wednesday, September 10, 2014) If you could pick the worst set of circumstances in which to start up a giant, export-oriented oil refinery, you might well have them right now.

Saudi Government Launches Bid to Woo Downstream Investment
(Tuesday, September 09, 2014) The Saudi Arabian government this year embarked on a set of key initiatives that it hopes will kick start investment in its downstream industrial sector.

EU Pushes for Urgent Energy Deal in U.S. Trade Pact
(Tuesday, September 09, 2014) The United States should commit to exporting oil and natural gas to Europe under a transatlantic trade deal in light of the European Union's geopolitical situation, the EU trade commissioner said on Tuesday.

Lower Commodity Prices No Longer Sparking Higher Chinese Imports
(Tuesday, September 09, 2014) Commodity producers worried about the outlook for Chinese demand have another reason to fret, with the relationship between pricing and import volumes appearing to break down.

Key Downstream Winners from Mexican Energy Reform May Not Be in Mexico
(Monday, September 08, 2014) Post-energy reform, investment in Mexico's downstream should be limited in scope, predicts industry analyst.

Europe's Energy Sector Hopes for a Mild, Wet Winter; Farmers Don't
(Friday, September 05, 2014) A predicted mild and wet winter might save Europe from the worst impact of a potential Russian gas supply disruption, but it would mean another difficult season for farmers who have already suffered from two consecutive wet years.

OPINION: The Border and Pipeline, Refinery Security
(Friday, September 05, 2014) Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter recently raised the warning flag to federal authorities that they need to increase security of oil and gas facilities, especially pipelines and refineries in Texas

Is Merkel's Green Zeal Turning Brown?
(Thursday, September 04, 2014) Having led the pack on emission reductions thanks in part to a rapid expansion in power generation from the sun, wind and other green sources, Germany is now slipping behind.

Cutting Off Europe's Gas Would Hit Russia's Gazprom Hard
(Wednesday, September 03, 2014) For both technical and financial reasons, the world's biggest gas exporter would be badly hurt by any decision to cut off its main customers in Europe.

A Stronger Canadian Dollar in the Pipeline?
(Tuesday, September 02, 2014) Over time, the Canadian dollar might prove to be a winner from the conflict in Ukraine, which has highlighted the European Union's reliance on energy supplies from Russia.

U.S. Condensate Exports Likely to Be Duty Free in Japan -Sources
(Monday, September 01, 2014) More Japanese refiners are likely to buy U.S. condensate if the light oil is ruled to be not liable for customs duty, as is expected, industry and government sources said.

Is Canada Finally Seeing the Light on Energy?
(Monday, September 01, 2014) A slew of refinery and LNG export terminal projects could enable Canada to begin accessing world markets for its energy resources.

EIA: Tight Oil Stabilizes Brent Crude Prices
(Friday, August 29, 2014) Production from US shale formations is making oil imports from OPEC countries less important.

COLUMN-Australia Avoids Commodity 'Dutch Disease', for Now
(Thursday, August 28, 2014) The resource boom is often cast as both villain and hero in Australia, being simultaneously recognized as a major driver of the country's wealth but also as a destroyer of traditional industries.

Germany's Energy Transition Dream at Risk of Becoming Nightmare
(Thursday, August 28, 2014) Germany's "Energiewende" (or Energy Transition) dream of pursuing an economy powered by renewables is in danger of turning into a nightmare, says Wintershall exploration and production director.

COMMENTARY: US Energy Boom Better Than Sanctions Against Russia
(Wednesday, August 27, 2014) Competition in the form of increased U.S. energy exports is the last thing Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to see, so that's exactly what we should do.

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