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PwC: Profitable Downstream Energy Models
(Friday, December 19, 2014) PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) offers insights on pursuing margins across the integrated value chain.

U.S. Motorists Set October Driving Record As Pump Prices Tumble
(Friday, December 19, 2014) Motorists took to U.S. roads and highways in record numbers in October, fueling the fastest rise in miles driven since 2006, according to data released on Friday by the Federal Highway Administration.

Canada Slaps Sanctions on Russian Oil Industry
(Friday, December 19, 2014) Canada announced new sanctions against Russia on Friday, including additional restrictions on the export of technology used in the oil and gas industry, saying it was important to speak truth to power.

OPINION: Don't Get Used to Cheap Oil
(Tuesday, December 16, 2014) The recent slump in oil prices has sent gasoline prices below $3 a gallon, leading many Americans to believe that our energy predicament is a vestige of the past.

In Canada's Oil Sands, A Boomtown Starts Feeling the Chill
(Tuesday, December 16, 2014) The boomtown in the heart of Canada's oil sands region is getting nervous.

Exec: Bakken Rail Loading Available Today, Will Be Vital Tomorrow
(Monday, December 15, 2014) Crude oil export options are expanding and diversifying for Bakken producers.

Like Low Gas Prices? So Does the Station Owner
(Friday, December 12, 2014) So you think you are finally getting one over on the gas stations as you pay well under $3 a gallon for the first time in four years?

Slow Demand, Rising Supply Put Further Pressure on Oil Price -IEA
(Friday, December 12, 2014) Oil prices are likely to come under further downward pressure, the International Energy Agency said on Friday, as it cut its outlook for demand growth in 2015 and predicted healthy non-OPEC supply gains would aggravate a global oil glut.

Shale Gas Could Help Drought-stricken Brazil Cut Hydropower Dependence
(Thursday, December 11, 2014) Brazil needs more diverse sources of electricity. Domestically produced shale gas could help the country reach this goal.

South Africa to Sign Fuel Deals to Tackle Power Crisis
(Thursday, December 11, 2014) South Africa will increase diesel and gas imports and sign a private sector coal-fired power plant deal as it seeks to halt chronic electricity shortages, the cabinet said on Thursday.

COLUMN-North Dakota Passes Crude Oil Safety Rule
(Thursday, December 11, 2014) North Dakota's Industrial Commission on Tuesday ordered that all oil produced from the Bakken petroleum system must be passed through surface separation facilities to ensure it is safe prior to transport.

Physical Oil Market Signals Price Crash May Have Further to Run
(Wednesday, December 10, 2014) Physical crude markets are flashing warning signs the 40 percent fall in oil prices could have further to run as cargoes slip to cheaper levels versus the Brent benchmark, mirroring a move this summer that signalled the start of the crash.

Exxon Sees Abundant Oil, Gas Far Into Future
(Tuesday, December 09, 2014) North America, once a sponge that sucked in a significant portion of the world's oil, will instead be supplying the world with oil and other liquid hydrocarbons by the end of this decade, according to ExxonMobil's annual long-term energy forecast.

Government: Gas to Average $2.60 Next Year
(Tuesday, December 09, 2014) The Energy Department has again slashed its prediction for next year's average price of gasoline across the U.S., this time to $2.60 a gallon.

Oil Price Fall a 'Golden' Chance to Shift to Clean Energy-IEA
(Tuesday, December 09, 2014) World leaders have a "golden opportunity" with plunging oil prices to put a price on carbon emissions since cheaper fuel makes the move less risky politically, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday.

Expert: Refinery, Petchem Plant Security Getting Better, More Affordable
(Monday, December 08, 2014) More advanced, more affordable security measures are benefitting operators large and small, says consultant.

COLUMN-China Commodity Imports Show Only Stockpiling Boosts Demand
(Monday, December 08, 2014) It's getting harder to pull together a convincing, all-encompassing narrative for China's commodity imports, with the November trade data showing a fractured picture.

IEA's Birol Sees Oil Price Rising Near $100 in Coming Years
(Friday, December 05, 2014) International Energy Agency Chief Economist Fatih Birol says he sees oil rising to near $100 per barrel.

Knowledge Transfer: A Process Engineer's Story
(Friday, December 05, 2014) An Azerbaijani who works as a process engineer for BP in Baku discusses how skills he learned abroad are being put to good use in his home country.

Kinder Morgan Hopes to Resurrect Texas-to-California Freedom Pipeline
(Thursday, December 04, 2014) After a year-and-a-half of laying on the scrap pile, Kinder Morgan’s unique Texas-to-California Freedom Pipeline project is back on the table.

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