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U.S. Gas Prices Will Not Rise on Lifting Crude Export Ban - Study
(Friday, October 24, 2014) Domestic gasoline prices are set in the global market, and the price of U.S. gasoline is tied more closely to the global benchmark price than WTI, EIA's administrator said.

U.S. Oil Export Battle Heats Up As Drillers Group to Fight Ban
(Friday, October 24, 2014) More than a dozen oil producers have joined to lobby the federal government to reverse the 40-year-old ban on U.S. crude exports.

COLUMN-History of Controls on U.S. Oil Exports
(Thursday, October 23, 2014) Following the U.S. mid-term elections next month, Congress will take up the issue again, a debate that would benefit from an understanding of the history behind the ban.

EU Leaders Divided Over Costs As Climate Talks Begin
(Thursday, October 23, 2014) European leaders met on Thursday to forge energy policy to cut climate-warming gas emissions in the years to 2030, but haggled over how to share out the costs of a deal.

Wood Mackenzie: US to Achieve Energy Independence by 2025
(Thursday, October 23, 2014) The US will achieve energy independence by 2025, which will mark the first time since 1952 that the US will export more energy than it imports, according to an integrated outlook by Wood Mackenzie’s Global Trends Service.

COLUMN-Congressional Study Questions Embargo-era Policies
(Tuesday, October 21, 2014) Lifting restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports could actually lower fuel prices for U.S. motorists and other consumers by contributing to a drop in world oil prices, according to a report from an influential congressional watchdog.

U.S. Natgas Engine Sales Lagging Fuel's Steep Price Plunge
(Monday, October 20, 2014) Natural gas-fueled engines, touted as a clean, low-cost alternative to diesel, continue to struggle for acceptance in the U.S. transportation sector despite a surge in gas production that has sent the alternative fuel's domestic price plunging.

China Utility Aims to Triple Gas Power Plants by 2020 - Industry Paper
(Monday, October 20, 2014) Power generation will be one of the key drivers for China's gas demand surge over the next two decades, experts have forecast, as the government tries to curb the country's heavy dependence on dirtier coal.

COLUMN-EU Wants Market-led Response to Any Russian Gas Crisis
(Friday, October 17, 2014) Cooperation and relying as much as possible on the market would benefit everyone.

A Primer on the Industrial Internet for Downstream
(Friday, October 17, 2014) The Industrial Internet could help refineries and petrochemical plants run more efficiently, safely and economically.

COLUMN-Oil Market Proves Mightier Than OPEC
(Thursday, October 16, 2014) There is nothing remotely surprising about the sharp fall in oil prices over the last four months, except perhaps the timing.

NGSA Says More Gas Supply, Less Demand This Winter
(Wednesday, October 15, 2014) Rest easy about this winter's energy market, but keep your long johns handy.

Saudi Price War Should Fuel Drive for U.S. Crude Exports
(Wednesday, October 15, 2014) Saudi Arabia's move to keep crude oil production high, fueling a steep global price slump, may have an unexpected consequence: intensifying the campaign by U.S. producers to scrap Washington's decades-old ban on exports of domestic crude.

Europe Could Save Up to $80 Billion in Energy Imports As Prices Plunge
(Wednesday, October 15, 2014) The European Union could save up to $80 billion in energy imports if oil prices remain low, providing some relief to households and companies in a region that has been laid low for the last five years.

Lockheed Says Makes Breakthrough on Fusion Energy Project
(Wednesday, October 15, 2014) Lockheed Martin Corp said on Wednesday it had made a technological breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion, and the first reactors, small enough to fit on the back of a truck, could be ready in a decade.

IEA Sees 2015 Oil Demand Growth Much Lower, Supply Hitting Prices
(Wednesday, October 15, 2014) Demand for oil in 2015 will grow far slower than previously forecast as global economies remain weak, the International Energy Agency said on Tuesday.

Ending U.S. Oil Export Ban Would Not Raise Gasoline Prices-Study
(Tuesday, October 14, 2014) The report, by the manufacturing branch of Aspen supported by energy companies including Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Continental Resources, is the latest to say that gasoline prices would not rise in the face of U.S. exports.

COLUMN: The Saudi Oil Enigma
(Tuesday, October 14, 2014) Almost nothing is known about how Saudi Arabia's rulers reach decisions on political and economic reform, foreign policy and oil market strategy, according to Kemp.

Oil, Gas Start-ups Need Strategy for Cyberattacks
(Tuesday, October 14, 2014) Oil and gas technology start-up companies should ensure they have a strategy for dealing with cyberattacks as well as fundraising.

Privately, Saudis Tell Oil Market: Get Used to Lower Prices
(Monday, October 13, 2014) Saudi Arabia is quietly telling the oil market it would be comfortable with much lower oil prices for an extended period, a sharp shift in policy.

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