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COLUMN-Oil Market Reveals Its Wild Side Again
(Friday, November 28, 2014) Following OPEC's decision on Thursday to leave production unchanged, Brent crude futures experienced the first three-standard deviation down-move since the flash crash of May 2011 and before that the depths of the recession in March 2009.

Inside OPEC Room, Naimi Declares Price War on U.S. Shale Oil
(Friday, November 28, 2014) Saudi Arabia's oil minister told fellow OPEC members they must combat the U.S. shale oil boom, arguing against cutting crude output in order to depress prices and undermine the profitability of North American producers.

OPINION: Gasoline Prices Hit 5-year Low
(Friday, November 28, 2014) The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that regular gasoline prices averaged $2.82 per gallon as of Nov. 24, which is 47 cents lower than a year ago, and the lowest price heading into a Thanksgiving holiday since 2009.

Ultra-strong Graphene's Weak Spot Could Be Key to Fuel Cells
(Thursday, November 27, 2014) In a discovery that experts say could revolutionise fuel cell technology, scientists in Britain have found that graphene, the world's thinnest, strongest and most impermeable material, can allow protons to pass through it.

COLUMN-Sliding Investment, Cost-cutting Shows Commodity Boom-bust Lives
(Thursday, November 27, 2014) Anybody who still has lingering doubts that the commodity cycle has turned bearish need only delve into two reports released this week on Australia's resources sector.

Cyber-Sputnik Needed to Spur Cyber Skills Development
(Thursday, November 27, 2014) The United States’ dependence on its digital infrastructure makes preparation against cyberattacks more critical than ever, a cyber-intelligence expert tells Rigzone.

U.S. EPA Seeks Tighter Ozone Standards to Cut Pollution
(Wednesday, November 26, 2014) The Environmental Protection Agency said it would set National Ambient Air Quality Standard between 65 and 70 parts per billion concentration of ozone and consider public comments on standards within a 60 to 75 ppb range.

COLUMN-OPEC's Other Problem: Weak Demand
(Wednesday, November 26, 2014) Slowing demand growth as much as rising supplies contributed to the price crisis in 1986, just as it is now causing a similar problem for OPEC in 2014.

High Court to Review EPA Mercury Limits
(Tuesday, November 25, 2014) The Supreme Court is stepping into a new case about Obama administration environmental rules, agreeing to review a ruling that upholds emission standards for mercury and other hazardous air pollutants from coal- and oil-fired power plants.

COLUMN-Low Oil Price to Boost Stocks, Deflation Risk
(Tuesday, November 25, 2014) Lower energy prices should stick around, boosting growth and risky assets like stocks but increasing the risks of deflation.

COLUMN-Oil in Arcadia
(Monday, November 24, 2014) Virtually every gallon of gasoline which New York motorists put into their cars, and the fuel oil used to heat their homes and offices through the long, cold winter, was refined from oil produced outside the state.

Brazil's Rousseff Struggling to Limit Petrobras Scandal's Damage
(Friday, November 21, 2014) President Dilma Rousseff expects a bribery scandal at state-run oil company Petrobras to deteriorate in coming months, aides say, with arrests possible for some political allies and potentially serious damage to an economy that is already struggling.

COLUMN-China Energy Targets Show Intent, Pick Winners and Losers
(Thursday, November 20, 2014) The 2020 plan calls for a doubling in the use of natural gas, from 120.9 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2013 to at least 245 bcm.

CEA: Record Oil, Gas Production Making Holiday Travel Cheaper
(Thursday, November 20, 2014) The trip over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house should be 8.5 percent cheaper than the cost of the same trip in 2013, according to Consumer Energy Alliance.

Study: Energy Prices to Soar with EPA Carbon Plan, Power Plant Regs
(Thursday, November 20, 2014) The study found the typical household’s annual electricity and natural gas bills would increase by $680, or 35 percent, from 2012 compared to 2020, escalating each year thereafter as EPA regulations grow more stringent.

COLUMN-Keystone Is Dragging Down the Democrats
(Wednesday, November 19, 2014) "Keystone" would be a fitting epitaph for Democratic lawmakers, who will lose their majority in the United States Senate in January 2015.

China's Rush to Green Vehicles Fuels Bubble Concerns
(Wednesday, November 19, 2014) China's electric vehicle sales surged five-fold in the first 10 months of 2014, powered by Beijing subsidies.

Asia Money and the U.S. LNG Business
(Tuesday, November 18, 2014) Will U.S. LNG export terminals become proverbial white elephants?

In Keystone XL Debate, Obama's Warning on Oil Exports Rings Only Half True
(Tuesday, November 18, 2014) President Barack Obama's sharpest criticism yet of Keystone XL this weekend included a controversial contention that the huge pipeline would be used to pump Canadian oil sands crude to global markets, not to U.S. refiners.

Toyota Aims to Replicate Prius Success with Fuel Cell Mirai
(Tuesday, November 18, 2014) In the United States, it will cost $57,500, which could drop to $45,000 after federal and state incentives.

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