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I Just Got Laid Off... Now What?
(Monday, August 03, 2015) Career experts offer advice to oil and gas professionals who are looking to move their career forward after layoffs.

OPINION: Refineries' Argument on Crude Oil Exports Ignores Market Realities
(Friday, July 31, 2015) Claims in a recent report by opponents of lifting the U.S. ban on crude oil exports overlook market facts, according to an American Council on Capital Formation official.

COLUMN-Asia LNG Output Vs Regas Capacity Mismatch Looming
(Thursday, July 30, 2015) What could go wrong for liquefied natural gas in Asia to derail the current consensus of strongly rising demand being met by supply that is increasing even faster?

COLUMN-U.S. Oil Storage Becomes Big Business
(Thursday, July 30, 2015) Working storage capacity at refineries, tank farms and underground storage facilities in the United States has increased by 85 million barrels, almost 19 percent, since 2011.

Oil Storage Reflects Output Up and Mixed Demand Picture
(Thursday, July 30, 2015) Crude oil storage volumes have increased in three of the past four weeks.

Obamacare Case to Be Turned Against Government on Emissions Rule
(Wednesday, July 29, 2015) Opponents of President Barack Obama's soon-to-be-implemented policy to cut carbon emissions from power plants are planning to use an unlikely and potentially potent weapon against him.

What's Behind the Waterborne Crude June Swoon?
(Wednesday, July 29, 2015) U.S. Gulf Coast waterborne crude movements declined in June 2015 amid sharply lower crude prices and additional takeaway options.

COLUMN-China Switching to African Oil May Lead to Saudi Price Cut
(Tuesday, July 28, 2015) Chinese imports from Africa are expected to jump to 6.51 million tonnes (47.5 million barrels) in July, up about 41 percent from June, according to data compiled by Thomson Reuters Oil Research and Forecasts.

Iranian Deal Could Push US Oil Exports
(Tuesday, July 28, 2015) Deloitte experts contemplate potential implications of lifting Iranian oil sanctions.

COLUMN-Australia's LNG Double-edged Sword Shows Commodity Challenges
(Monday, July 27, 2015) With commodity prices slumping, the local currency slipping and manufacturing jobs disappearing, Australians are starting to question whether they've backed the wrong economic horse.

Study: Lifting US Crude Export Ban Could Lead to Layoffs
(Monday, July 27, 2015) Exporting U.S. crude oil would raise gasoline, diesel and home heating prices, cutting into the vast benefits Americans are enjoying from lower crude oil prices, according to a new report by Alan Stevens of Stancil & Co.

COLUMN-U.S. SPR Oil Sale Before Strategic Review Would Be a Mistake
(Friday, July 24, 2015) "The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not an ATM," Lisa Murkowski, chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee warned the Senate this week. "It is certainly not the petty cash drawer for Congress."

COLUMN-China's Rising Commodity Exports Changing Nature of Trade
(Thursday, July 23, 2015) The big growth in exports this year has been in semi-finished products, most of which fit into the broad definition of commodities. While not raw materials, these include steel, aluminium products and refined fuels.

Sell-Low Trading Strategy Seen in Congress Oil Reserve Sale
(Thursday, July 23, 2015) U.S. lawmakers may not have a future as oil traders.

French Energy Law Dodges Decisions on Nuclear Cuts
(Wednesday, July 22, 2015) French lawmakers passed a long-delayed energy bill on Wednesday, ushering into law President Francois Hollande's pledge to cut nuclear power to half of France's electricity mix in 2025 from 75 percent today, the highest share in the world.

API: Energy Legislation a 'Work in Progress'
(Wednesday, July 22, 2015) Major elements of a national energy strategy should be added to a draft package approved toTuesday by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power, said the American Petroleum Institute (API).

COLUMN-California Drivers Pay Dearly for Refinery Problems
(Tuesday, July 21, 2015) California motorists are paying $1 per gallon more for gasoline than drivers in the rest of the country as problems at state refineries leave the state fuel market unusually tight.

COLUMN-Crude Spreads Remain Firm in the Face of 'Massive Oversupply'
(Monday, July 20, 2015) The oil market was massively oversupplied in the second quarter and remains so today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) wrote in its latest monthly oil market report.

Lower Oil Prices? Not for Europe's Gasoline Consumers
(Friday, July 17, 2015) Crude oil prices may be falling, but things are not so rosy for European gasoline consumers.

COLUMN-Iran Needs Time and Favourable Conditions to Boost Oil Output
(Wednesday, July 15, 2015) Iran has big ambitions to increase oil and gas production once sanctions are lifted but a substantial increase in exports is probably years away.

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