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BLOG: Trump No 'Silver Bullet' for Oil, Gas Industry
(Tuesday, December 06, 2016) A Houston Energy Breakfast panel highlights what the industry should look out for next year after Trump takes office.

Electric Cars May Take an OPEC-Sized Bite From Oil Use
(Monday, December 05, 2016) A boom in electric vehicles could erode as much as 10 percent of global gasoline demand by 2035, according to the oil industry consultant Wood Mackenzie Ltd.

Energy Transfer's Useful Rage Against the Machine: Gadfly
(Monday, December 05, 2016) While president-elect Donald Trump's administration would almost certainly try to ease the pipeline's path, it's just possible the nature of the decision this weekend complicates the timing.

Look Back on 2016 and Explore the Possibilities for 2017
(Wednesday, November 30, 2016) Last call for completing the inaugural Downstream Sentiment Survey!

EPA Preemptive Strike on Car Mileage Seen Forcing Trump's Hand
(Wednesday, November 30, 2016) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency moved to cement existing fuel-economy and emissions targets before President-elect Donald Trump takes office with a proposal that automakers blasted as "eleventh-hour politics."

New Pipelines No Silver Bullet for Battered Canada Oil Industry
(Wednesday, November 30, 2016) Without a sustained improvement in the crude price, Canada's oil sands, which hold the world's third-largest crude reserves and produce about 2.4 million bpd, will struggle to expand significantly.

COLUMN-Saudi Arabia's Oil Problems Run Far Deeper Than OPEC
(Tuesday, November 29, 2016) About two-thirds of Saudi Arabia's oil exports head to Asia, and the kingdom's struggles in the region's two biggest importers, China and India, are symptoms of its wider issues in crude markets.

Solar, Wind Industries Hope Years Courting Republicans Pays Off Under Trump
(Monday, November 28, 2016) U.S. wind and solar companies for the first time gave more money to Republicans than Democrats during the 2016 election cycle, according to federal campaign disclosures.

A Time for Reflection
(Friday, November 25, 2016) Here's an opportunity to take a break from the hustle-and-bustle otherwise known as the holiday season.

Bruised Oil Nations Seek Solace in Fastest Growing Guzzler
(Thursday, November 24, 2016) As the oil market anxiously awaits OPEC's decision next week, some of the countries hardest hit by the biggest price crash in a generation may have found a lifeline outside of the group.

COLUMN-As the Commodity Mega-boom Winds Down, the Mini-boom Gathers Steam
(Thursday, November 24, 2016) As the once-in-a-lifetime commodity boom winds down, a key concern has been what is going to replace the mega-projects built to feed China's appetite for natural resources.

Ideal Employer Survey: The Top National Oil Companies
(Wednesday, November 23, 2016) There's "Big Oil" and then there are national oil companies (NOCs). Find out which NOCs ranked highest in Rigzone's Ideal Employer Survey.

The Tesla Shock: Global Gasoline Demand Has All But Peaked
(Tuesday, November 22, 2016) The International Energy Agency forecasts that global gasoline consumption has all but peaked as more efficient cars and the advent of electric vehicles from new players such as Tesla Motors Inc. halt demand growth in the next 25 years.

Energy Transfer Masters the Art of Transferring Pain: Gadfly
(Tuesday, November 22, 2016) When the Energy Transfer family of companies announces a deal, it pays to look at the details -- from a philosophical point of view, anyway.

Majority of Oil, Gas Contractors Say Trump Election Good for Industry
(Tuesday, November 22, 2016) NES Global Talent finds in a global survey that 63% of contractors believe US presidential election of Donald Trump will be positive for the oil and gas industry.

Volkswagen CEO Sees No Diesel in Future of U.S. Business
(Tuesday, November 22, 2016) Volkswagen will no longer offer diesel vehicles in the United States, its global brand chief said on Tuesday, ending speculation the company might return to the technology after its emissions scandal fades from memory.

Exxon Climate Judge Orders 'Unprecedented' Questioning
(Monday, November 21, 2016) A federal judge in Texas is giving Exxon Mobil Corp. an unprecedented chance to question a state law-enforcement officer who is investigating whether the energy company hid damaging data about climate change from investors.

COLUMN-Australia to Import LNG? When the Illogical Makes Sense
(Monday, November 21, 2016) Australia is in the final stages of completing more than $180 billion of LNG projects that will see it overtake Qatar as the world's largest supplier by the end of next year.

Tesoro-Western Refining Deal Saves Thrills for a Sequel: Gadfly
(Friday, November 18, 2016) A $6.4 billion acquisition is best presented in as humdrum a manner as possible.

Downstream Real Estate Reflects 'Silver Lining' in Oil and Gas
(Thursday, November 17, 2016) Downstream projects represent a key growth area in U.S. industrial real estate sector, according to a new report by JLL.

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