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Crude Oil Export Trends in the Middle East
(Monday, September 26, 2016) August movements exemplify a shift within the landscape of Middle East exports.

COLUMN-Hedge Funds Rotate from U.S. Heating Oil to Gasoline
(Monday, September 26, 2016) Hedge funds have become increasingly bullish about the outlook for gasoline prices even as they have become more cautious the prospects for heating oil this winter.

ExxonMobil: Population, Economic Growth Driving Future Energy Demand
(Thursday, September 22, 2016) ExxonMobil's Rob Gardner says the world's energy demand will be driven primarily by population and economic growth.

Apparently There Really Is a Great Future in Plastics: Gadfly
(Thursday, September 22, 2016) Chemicals have long been Big Oil's poor cousin.

What Oil, Gas Companies Want from IoT Startups
(Wednesday, September 21, 2016) Industry officials discuss what oil and gas companies are looking for in terms of Internet of Things technologies.

COLUMN-Coal's Cost Advantage Over LNG Slipping, but Not Yet Enough
(Tuesday, September 20, 2016) Thermal coal has been one of the commodity success stories this year, but there is a risk that it becomes a victim of its own success by eating into its advantage over LNG in generating electricity.

How Much Cleaner Really Is a Tesla? Depends on Where You Are
(Tuesday, September 20, 2016) How much cleaner are electric cars than the fossil-fuel powered alternative? The answer depends on exactly where you charge the batteries.

California Restricts Pollutants from Cow Flatulence to Diesel Emissions
(Monday, September 19, 2016) California on Monday moved to restrict air pollutants from sources as diverse as diesel trucks and cow flatulence, the latest of several efforts in the most populous U.S. state to reduce emissions leading to climate change.

COLUMN-Hedge Funds Turn Strongly Bullish on U.S. Natural Gas
(Monday, September 19, 2016) Hedge funds have built their largest bullish position in U.S. natural gas for more than two years amid signs the gas glut is being eroded quickly and the market could tighten in 2017.

Deloitte: End-to-End Automation Real Value of IIoT Technology
(Friday, September 16, 2016) Deloitte sees potential for Industrial Internet of Things technology to transform the oil and gas industry beyond equipment failure monitoring.

Clean Energy Won Big. So Where's the Party?
(Friday, September 16, 2016) The renewable-energy industry won lucrative U.S. subsidies and immediately snapped into inaction.

COLUMN-U.S. Natural Gas Market Rebalancing Well Underway
(Friday, September 16, 2016) The U.S. natural gas market is well on the way to rebalancing as unusually high airconditioning demand coupled with strong underlying consumption growth absorbs the record inventories left at the end of last winter.

Directive Seeks to Coordinate Response to Oil, Gas Cyberattacks
(Thursday, September 15, 2016) A new presidential directive aims to establish guidelines for a significant cyberattack against U.S. companies, including oil and gas.

COLUMN-India's New Motorcycle Owners Drive Gasoline Boom
(Thursday, September 15, 2016) India's gasoline consumption remains low compared with the advanced economies or China, the other emerging-market giant, but no other country is exhibiting such fast and sustained growth.

What Happens to Oil, Gas If GOP Loses Congress?
(Thursday, September 15, 2016) Down-ballot voting in US presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could impact Congress' action on energy policy.

COLUMN-Australia's NatGas Bans Risk Replicating Springsteen's Rust Belt
(Thursday, September 15, 2016) Already domestic natural gas prices are rising and consumers could soon have to pay, apart from transport costs, a price equal to what the three LNG plants in the northeastern state of Queensland can get for their product from international buyers.

COLUMN-Persistence of Instability in the Oil Market
(Wednesday, September 14, 2016) Volatility has always been the defining characteristic of oil and other commodity markets, defying repeated attempts to stabilize prices.

Solar, Wind Developers: U.S. Desert Plan Hurts Renewable Energy
(Wednesday, September 14, 2016) The United States on Wednesday unveiled a long-awaited plan for desert renewable energy development that the solar and wind industries said unfairly favors land conservation and severely limits the ability to build projects.

BP Castrol's Fort: STEM Role Model
(Tuesday, September 13, 2016) Meet Rachel Fort, UK-based development technologist, outdoor sports enthusiast and more.

Global Oil Outlook Darkens More Quickly; Surplus Stubborn
(Tuesday, September 13, 2016) The International Energy Agency on Tuesday forecast global supply would outpace demand well into next year, marking an about-face from its assessment just one month ago.

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