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Ease the Squeeze on Profitability with Effective Energy Management
(Wednesday, October 01, 2014) Many refineries and chemicals companies fail to recognize that energy management needs to be an on-going commercial priority, argues an executive with AspenTech.

COLUMN-Saudi Focus on Asia May Result in Cheaper Crude
(Tuesday, September 30, 2014) Asian refiners may be about to get a welcome boost from major oil producer Saudi Arabia, which is likely to keep lowering the cost of crude to the region.

COLUMN-Free Trade in Crude Oil Is In U.S. Interests
(Tuesday, September 30, 2014) Export opponents imply jobs might be lost and refineries might close if the ban were lifted, but there is no real reason to expect either outcome, argues Reuters analyst.

COLUMN-Time for a Good Sweating in the Oil Market
(Monday, September 29, 2014) U.S. demand for petroleum products has experienced an unprecedented and broad-based decline over the last eight years as soaring oil prices have forced consumers to become more efficient and seek cheaper alternatives.

Meet A Whiting Refinery Modernization Project Team Member
(Monday, September 29, 2014) Chemical engineer Gordon Finnie worked on the basic design for the sulphur recovery complex on BP's Whiting Modernization Project.

COLUMN-Airlines Fly Slower to Cut Fuel Bill
(Friday, September 26, 2014) Higher oil prices have had a traumatic effect on U.S. airlines, forcing carriers to re-examine every aspect of the way they do business in a bid to control costs.

Lawmakers in U.S. Oil Heartland Soften Over Export Ban
(Thursday, September 25, 2014) In the oil drilling and refining heartland of Texas, the debate over U.S. crude exports is no longer a fight over whether a 40-year ban should be lifted. The question now is how soon it will end.

Shell's Roxana Davis Shares Her Advice on How to Build a Rewarding Career
(Thursday, September 25, 2014) Roxana Davis, general manager of Integrated Gas Hydrocarbon Management with Shell, shares her tips for a rewarding career.

U.S. Oil Could Step In If Mideast Fields Knocked Out -Senator
(Wednesday, September 24, 2014) If U.S.-led attacks knock out oil fields controlled by Islamic State militants, petroleum from the American drilling boom could make up for any shortfall on global markets, a report released by a Republican senator said on Wednesday.

Asia Should Get Used to China's Diesel Exports
(Wednesday, September 24, 2014) China's fuel refiners look set to continue pumping out more diesel than the domestic market can handle until at least 2017, analysts say, setting the stage for continued growth in exports of the fuel to neighbouring markets.

OPINION: Railing Against Keystone XL, Willie and Neil Are Hurting Farmers
(Monday, September 22, 2014) Willie Nelson and Neil Young, two celebrity singers known for supporting America's farmers, will perform at a pipeline protest in Nebraska on Saturday despite the outcome of their advocacy damaging the livelihood of farmers throughout the Midwest.

COLUMN-In Search for Security, China's Navy Enters Strait of Hormuz
(Monday, September 22, 2014) Both China and Iran are trying to counterbalance the power of the United States in the Middle East and along the sea lanes connecting the oil fields of the Gulf with major energy-consuming centers in Asia.

COLUMN-Asia LNG Starts Seasonal Rally, But Peak Will Be Lower
(Monday, September 22, 2014) The spot price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia has started its seasonal climb, but the peak this northern cold season is likely to be well below the record high of the previous winter.

Republican Senator Says 2015 Could Be Time For US Oil Export Bill
(Thursday, September 18, 2014) The top supporter in the US Congress for reversing the 40-year ban on crude oil exports, Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, said next year could be the time for a bill on lifting the restriction.

Cheaper Oil No Big Threat to Gulf Economies, A Boon for North Africa
(Thursday, September 18, 2014) Falling oil prices may prove the best medicine for economies in the Arab world, rebalancing growth towards countries struggling to recover from the Arab Spring uprisings without doing major damage to the oil exporters of the Gulf.

COMMENTARY: American LNG Can Improve European Energy Security
(Thursday, September 18, 2014) U.S. LNG exports represent a significant opportunity for America, the global gas market and for importing countries, says Bill Cooper of the Center for LNG.

Unconventional Oil, Gas to Lift US Energy Exports
(Wednesday, September 17, 2014) Domestic unconventional oil and gas production will help raise U.S. energy exports by about 5 percent per year through 2030, according to HSBC.

Study: New Propylene Sources to Alter Historical Supply Paradigms
(Wednesday, September 17, 2014) Propylene production capacity is expecgted to increase to 165 million tons by 2030 from around 109 million today, according to Wood Mackenzie's latest global propylene long-term market study.

Safety Worries Cloud Japan Dream of Carbon-free Hydrogen Society
(Wednesday, September 17, 2014) On an empty lot in Japan's fourth-largest city, a Shinto priest performs rites in front of a makeshift altar loaded with offerings of fruit and vegetables to pray for the safety and success of Japan's newest hydrogen filling station.

Jindal: Obama Hasn't Done Enough to Harness Energy
(Tuesday, September 16, 2014) The governor of the state of Louisiana, a possible Republican presidential candidate, said Tuesday that President Barack Obama's administration has become "science deniers," failing to do enough to harness the nation's energy potential.

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