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As the Cost of Gasoline Shrinks, Small Businesses Think Big
(Wednesday, January 28, 2015) For small business owners who deliver goods and services via car, truck or SUV, lower gas prices have brought more customers within reach and put more money in their pockets.

COLUMN-California Gasoline Sales Point to Growing Oil Demand
(Wednesday, January 28, 2015) Motorists in California purchased more gasoline in October 2014 than any corresponding month since 2007, according to state tax records, confirming the renewed growth in U.S. fuel demand.

Top Tips: Applying for Your First Graduate Job in European Oil, Gas
(Tuesday, January 27, 2015) Rigzone talks to graduate recruiters at BP and OMV about their tips for university students applying for a graduate job in oil and gas.

How These Energy Geeks Are Reimagining An Old School Utility
(Tuesday, January 27, 2015) Welcome to the utility industry's future - or at least that's what Southern California Edison is hoping.

Asian Airlines Slash Fuel Surcharges but Fares Likely to Rise
(Tuesday, January 27, 2015) Asian airlines are slashing fuel surcharges as oil prices hover at six-year lows, but passengers hoping for cheaper tickets will be disappointed as carriers are likely to bump up fares to maintain margins.

Global Gas Prices to Sink Further in Coming Months
(Monday, January 26, 2015) Asian liquefied natural gas prices, already at four-year lows, face further steep losses in the first half of 2015 as the full force of a weak crude market works through into gas contracts and new supply comes on stream.

Quest for More Fuel-efficient LNG Ships May Trump Oil Price Slump
(Monday, January 26, 2015) Despite plunging oil prices, the trend for more fuel-efficient LNG ships may continue.

Saudi Oil Minister Naimi To Stay For Now, Policy Steady
(Friday, January 23, 2015) Saudi Arabia's new King Salman was quick to keep veteran oil minister Ali al-Naimi in a message aimed at calming a jittery energy market mindful of Naimi's powerful role within OPEC.

$2 Gasoline: Good Times Keep Rolling at the Pump
(Friday, January 23, 2015) At some point this will end, perhaps even soon. The price of gasoline will not fall to zero.

COLUMN-Oil Price Plunge Should Prompt New Fuel Taxes in Asia
(Friday, January 23, 2015) One worthy side-effect of the plunge in crude oil prices is that several Asian governments have ended costly fuel subsidies, but it's time to go further and impose higher taxes, argues Reuters columnist Clyde Russell.

COLUMN-U.S. Drivers Put Oil Market on Road to Recovery
(Friday, January 23, 2015) U.S. gasoline demand is increasing as motorists opt for bigger vehicles and drive more, encouraged by the sharp drop in fuel prices and an improving employment market.

EY Sees Refining Margins Under Pressure in Q1
(Thursday, January 22, 2015) In its quarterly outlook, EY's Oil and Gas Center also projects that the oil price collapse will impact LNG.

European Parliament Committee Fails to Agree on Carbon Reform Date
(Thursday, January 22, 2015) A pro-industry European Parliament committee failed on Thursday to agree a date to reform the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), raising the chances of political backing for early changes to prop up the world's biggest carbon market.

Why Cheaper Jet Fuel Won't Mean Lower Airfares Anytime Soon
(Tuesday, January 20, 2015) Airlines will save billions this year thanks to cheaper jet fuel, but they aren't likely to share the bounty with passengers — not while so many flights are already full.

COLUMN-Lower Oil Prices Will Blunt Drive for Fuel Efficiency
(Tuesday, January 20, 2015) For a decade, high and rising prices have created a strong incentive to use oil-derived fuels more sparingly.

Saudi Brinksmanship: Economics Behind Reluctance to Fiddle with Oil Prices
(Tuesday, January 20, 2015) Much of the downward spiral in crude oil prices results from the maneuverings of Saudi Arabia, points out analyst Faraz Shams.

ROUNDTABLE: 2015 Downstream Hiring Outlook
(Monday, January 19, 2015) Certain mission-critical positions should see particularly strong growth, but the outlook is less promising for non-essential roles, experts tell DownstreamToday.

Low Oil Prices Will Not Affect U.S. Environmental Rules -EPA Chief
(Friday, January 16, 2015) Current low oil prices are a short-term blip and will not affect how the U.S. crafts new environmental regulations, including forthcoming standards for heavy duty vehicles, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief said Friday.

No Oil Price Recovery Yet Despite US Shale Slowdown-IEA
(Friday, January 16, 2015) Oil prices may have further to fall and a rebound could take some time, despite increasing signs that the downtrend will end, possibly in the second half of this year as North American supply growth slows, the West's energy watchdog said on Friday.

Lifting U.S. Crude Export Ban Could Boost Production, Cut Gas Prices -Study
(Friday, January 16, 2015) Lifting U.S. crude export restrictions could boost domestic oil production and cut gasoline prices, according to a report issued Friday by Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy.

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