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Is Canada Finally Seeing the Light on Energy?
(Monday, September 01, 2014) A slew of refinery and LNG export terminal projects could enable Canada to begin accessing world markets for its energy resources.

U.S. Condensate Exports Likely to Be Duty Free in Japan -Sources
(Monday, September 01, 2014) More Japanese refiners are likely to buy U.S. condensate if the light oil is ruled to be not liable for customs duty, as is expected, industry and government sources said.

EIA: Tight Oil Stabilizes Brent Crude Prices
(Friday, August 29, 2014) Production from US shale formations is making oil imports from OPEC countries less important.

Germany's Energy Transition Dream at Risk of Becoming Nightmare
(Thursday, August 28, 2014) Germany's "Energiewende" (or Energy Transition) dream of pursuing an economy powered by renewables is in danger of turning into a nightmare, says Wintershall exploration and production director.

COLUMN-Australia Avoids Commodity 'Dutch Disease', for Now
(Thursday, August 28, 2014) The resource boom is often cast as both villain and hero in Australia, being simultaneously recognized as a major driver of the country's wealth but also as a destroyer of traditional industries.

COMMENTARY: US Energy Boom Better Than Sanctions Against Russia
(Wednesday, August 27, 2014) Competition in the form of increased U.S. energy exports is the last thing Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to see, so that's exactly what we should do.

Lifting U.S. Oil Export Ban Will Lift Sector Credit Scores -S&P
(Tuesday, August 26, 2014) Producers, pipeline and storage operators, and oilfield service companies will get a credit ratings boost if the United States lifts its ban on most crude oil exports, the ratings agency Standard & Poor's said on Tuesday.

US Refining Margins Exhibit Modest Increases in Latest Quarter
(Thursday, August 21, 2014) Will the U.S. "shale revolution" permanently change perspectives on refining margin cycles and the advantages of upgrading?

As Venezuelan Deliveries Wane, Allies Tap Traders for Pricey Fuel
(Thursday, August 21, 2014) Venezuela's shipments of crude oil and fuel to its allies have fallen to a five-year low as a weak economy hits its ability to uphold accords that former President Hugo Chavez struck to lower energy costs for friends and expand his diplomatic clout.

China Walks Tightrope Over Natural Gas Prices, Supply
(Thursday, August 21, 2014) China's natural gas dilemma was neatly illustrated by two recent announcements, the first a price increase and the second the closing of two gas-processing plants.

Iran Emerges As Unlikely Condensate Export Rival
(Tuesday, August 19, 2014) As the United States prepares to become a top supplier of fossil fuels on the back of the shale oil and gas revolution, it could come in direct competition with Tehran.

COLUMN-Natural Gas Can Keep Those Motors Running
(Tuesday, August 19, 2014) Cheap natural gas is starting to revolutionise traffic on U.S. roads, cutting bills for some of the country's heaviest fuel users while reducing carbon emissions and other pollution.

Shell & Scuderia Ferrari: Innovation on the Move
(Friday, August 15, 2014) Travelling with Scuderia Ferrari from race to race, Shell's Trackside Laboratory team is delivering innovation on the move to the Formula One team.

Will Golden Arches Ruling Upset Oil Industry Structure?
(Thursday, August 14, 2014) The ruling might alter relationships among all franchisors and their franchisees in the United States, including those in the petroleum industry.

COLUMN-Why Railroads Are Taking A Fresh Look At Natural Gas
(Wednesday, August 13, 2014) The industry has experimented with natural gas-fuelled trains on a small scale for the past 80 years without ever moving past the prototype stage.

South Africa's Coal Clean-up Digs Deep with Gasification
(Wednesday, August 13, 2014) State power utility Eskom wants to address both South Africa's supply shortfall and its carbon emissions by burning its vast coal reserves underground to produce gas for more efficient, cleaner electricity.

Platts: Increased US Polypropylene Supply Still Won't Meet Global Shortfall
(Wednesday, August 13, 2014) Growing global demand for polypropylene in the long-term will outstrip increased U.S. propylene supply after shale oil, according to Platts.

COLUMN-Next Energy Revolution Will Be on Roads and Railroads
(Tuesday, August 12, 2014) The most important question for energy analysts is what technology will revolutionize the system next.

Brazil Readies Big Push on Solar Energy But Companies Are Wary
(Tuesday, August 12, 2014) Grappling with its worst energy crisis in more than a decade, Brazil is making its first big move to develop a local solar power industry that could help reduce its dependence on a battered hydro power system.

U.S. Oil Exports Reach 1950s Milestone Set by Suez Tumult
(Friday, August 08, 2014) News this week that U.S. crude oil exports had surged in June to reach the highest since 1957 raised a question not often asked.

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