Four regional states started talks on the proposed gas pipeline project in Islamabad on Wednesday, the official Associated Press of Pakistan reported.

Ministers and high-ranking officials of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan were participating in the negotiations, said the report.

Briefing participants on the occasion, the Petroleum Minister of Turkmenistan said his country was endowed with huge gas reserves.

The proposed gas pipeline project will initially provide 30 million cubic meters of gas to Pakistan and India each and 5 million cubic meters to Afghanistan on a daily basis, which can be later increased up to 90 million cubic meters in aggregate.

The security aspect of gas pipeline in Afghanistan was discussed in the ministerial session on Wednesday.

According to the proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan- India (TAPI) gas pipeline project, Pakistan would import 3.2 billion cubic feet (around 90.613 million cubic meters) gas from Turkmenistan, which would be shared by both Pakistan and India, according to local media reports.

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