The fourth pipeline that will transport natural gas from West China to East China will soon take shape on the blueprint and several plans have been promoted.

An insider at China National Petroleum Corporation, the largest oil and gas producer in the country, discloses that the west end of this pipeline will likely in Tarim Basin, and in another design, it will start from Sichuan. Both the two places have huge gas fields.

Tarim Basin is a main gas source for the West-to-East Natural Gas Transportation Project of China, and is also the largest natural gas production base in China. There is proved reserve over 1 trillion cubic meters. Notably, China's biggest condensate gas field, Dina Gas Field, will start operation at the end of June 2009, with annual production capacity of 4 billion cubic meters.

Sichuan and its neighbor Chongqing have several largest gas fields, such as Puguang, Luojiazhai, Guang'an, Longgang, and Yuanba, and they could access to the natural gas imported from Myanmar.

The first West-East natural gas pipeline has begun working; the second is under construction; and the third is already proposed.

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