The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC approval to construct its proposed 181.7-mile natural gas pipeline system. The FERC Order modifies an existing Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity issued in September 2002, by approving changes in the pipeline route and compression.

The Millennium Pipeline will primarily be supplied by connections with the Empire State Pipeline at Corning, NY, local production, and storage locations in western New York. The mainline system traverses New York's Southern Tier and the lower Hudson Valley terminating at Ramapo in Rockland County, where it will interconnect with Algonquin Gas Transmission. The Millennium Pipeline is a vital link in the larger "NE 07 Project" that includes new facilities for Algonquin Gas Transmission, Empire State Pipeline and Iroquois Gas Transmission. The NE '07 Project will connect the Dawn supply hub to eastern markets in New York, New Jersey and New England through Millennium.

"We are very pleased that the FERC has acted expeditiously on this significant expansion of the natural gas delivery system in the Northeast US," said Millennium President Dick Leehr. "Our FERC certification is one of the major milestones on the road to this project's completion. Countless hours have been spent over many years by both stakeholders and regulatory agencies with the critical pieces now finally coming together."

Underlying the FERC's Order is a favorable Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) received last month that is a thorough and comprehensive review and analysis of the environmental impacts of the entire NE 07 Project route.

Leehr said Millennium is now reviewing the Order in detail to assess the numerous conditions. If favorable, Millennium will move forward to secure all remaining environmental permits, long term financing and finalize its transportation agreements prior to actual construction.

The Millennium Pipeline is anchored by its customers KeySpan Energy Delivery Long Island, Consolidated Edison of New York, Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation and Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation. Millennium will serve markets along its route in the Southern Tier and lower Hudson Valley as well as providing essential service to the New York City markets through its pipeline interconnections. Millennium will transport up to 525,000 Dth/day when it goes in service in November, 2008. Millennium is jointly owned by affiliates of NiSource, Inc., KeySpan Corporation, and DTE Energy.

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Millennium Pipeline
Facility Type: Pipeline Owner: Millennium Pipeline Co. LLC (NiSource Inc.; National Grid; DTE Energy)
Scope: New Construction Location: Corning to Ramapo, NY United States