Linc Energy Limited officially opened its Chinchilla Demonstration Facility on Wednesday 22nd April 2009 with strong support from international project partners and Government representatives.

Vietnamese Government Ministers and Vice Ministers, representatives from Japan's Marubeni Corporation and business supporters from South Africa and the United States gathered in Chinchilla to mark the official opening of the world's first Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) to Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility.

"Linc Energy's facility is truly unique; the only one of its kind, complete with UCG gas field, a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) GTL plant and an on-site, world-class laboratory," said Linc Energy's Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bond.

The official opening of Linc Energy's Chinchilla Demonstration Facility attended by 200 supporters followed the day after the signing of the agreements to commence Stage 1 of the Red River Delta UCG project in Vietnam; a joint project with Linc Energy and its Vietnamese and Japanese partners, VINACOMIN, Song Hong Energy and Marubeni Corporation.

Linc Energy Limited bills itself as Australia's leader in clean coal technology. The company's vision is to become a dominant player in the supply of more environmentally friendly power, diesel and jet fuel.

Linc Energy aims to achieve this vision by bringing together, for the first time anywhere in the world, two proven production processes known as Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) clean coal technology and Gas to Liquids (GTL). These processes will economically convert vast "stranded" coal deposits into ultra clean liquid fuels.

Linc Energy will also use the Syngas produced from UCG clean coal technology as feedstock for gas turbines to generate much needed environmentally friendly electricity.