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Ideal Employer Survey Reveals Midstream's Picks for Top Companies
(Monday, January 16, 2017) Rigzone's latest survey finds what's most important to midstream professionals and Deloitte's vice chairman John England provides a midstream outlook for 2017.

COLUMN-China's Crude Oil Juggernaut to Roll On, But More Slowly
(Monday, January 16, 2017) There is little doubt China's crude oil imports enjoyed a robust 2016, hitting a record high. The question is how long the party can continue?

Cost Reduction, Greater Efficiency Focus of Technology in 2017
(Friday, January 13, 2017) Companies will continue focus on technology to keep costs low while enhancing efficiency and safety, industry observers tell Rigzone.

What's Next for Mexico's Energy Sector?
(Friday, January 13, 2017) Rigzone examines the possible long-term outlook for Mexico's energy sector.

The Oil Market Is a Story of Bulls Versus Squirrels: Gadfly
(Friday, January 13, 2017) The turn of the year is always a bit weird when it comes to oil inventories.

COLUMN-Volatility & Cyclicality in Oil Prices -Will This Time Be Different?
(Friday, January 13, 2017) Volatility and cyclicality are not incidental features of oil markets that can be wished or managed away. Volatility and cyclicality are fundamental characteristics of oil markets.

COLUMN-As Russia's Gas Market Gets Weaker, Europe Gets Stronger
(Thursday, January 12, 2017) The increase in global natural gas production, the buildup of new gas transport infrastructure, the decrease in natural gas prices, the growth of LNG trade are all already increasing the options for Europe's gas importer.

Seven Enablers for Building the LNG Transport Fuel Market
(Tuesday, January 10, 2017) The fundamentals are there for growth.

Williams Cos. Without the Baggage Could Commit Again: Gadfly
(Tuesday, January 10, 2017) A year ago, the Williams Companies Inc. and Energy Transfer Equity LP were locked in a decidedly unwelcome embrace. Today, they're still dealing with the messy break-up.

COLUMN-India's Gasoline Thirst Shows No Sign of Being Slaked
(Tuesday, January 10, 2017) India's gasoline consumption continues to grow rapidly as an increasing number of individuals purchase their first motorized vehicle, helping drive the fastest growth in fuel demand in the world.

Tiny Group of Tesla Skeptics Emerges as Energy Powerhouse
(Friday, January 06, 2017) An obscure Washington policy group that opposes almost any government aid for renewable energy has emerged as an influential force in shaping Donald Trump's plans to dismantle Obama administration climate initiatives.

With One Bill, U.S. House Republicans Fast Track Plan to Undo Obama Regs
(Friday, January 06, 2017) The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday giving Congress the power to kill dozens of recently enacted rules in one fell swoop, as Republicans charged ahead on their campaign to strip down federal regulations.

Oil, Gas Conflicts throughout Africa in 2016
(Thursday, January 05, 2017) North and West Africa have seen a spate of oil and gas-related clashes in 2016.

What Detroit's Big Year Says About Tomorrow's Cars: Gadfly
(Thursday, January 05, 2017) Given the long lead times in developing new cars, investment dollars today will be directed toward the anticipated preferences of 2021.

U.S. Set to Become Energy Exporter by 2026 -EIA
(Thursday, January 05, 2017) The United States is projected to become a net energy exporter over the next decade due to rising natural gas exports and falling petroleum product imports, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said on Thursday.

Ford's Truck Hybridization Trumps Mexico and Tesla: Gadfly
(Wednesday, January 04, 2017) If even trucks start to rely a little more on volts than on octane, it would represent an incursion into gasoline demand's holy-of-holies.

New Chapter in NGV Story About to Unfold
(Wednesday, January 04, 2017) Natural gas vehicle (NGV) advocate sees emerging opportunities to gain market share.

Oil Business Seen in Strong Position as Trump Tackles Tax Reform
(Tuesday, January 03, 2017) A tax provision known as border adjustability is stirring up controversy, though.

BLOG: Charitable Contributions from Oil, Gas Industry
(Tuesday, January 03, 2017) In spite of the low oil price market, some energy companies continue to donate to war-torn regions.

Marathon Breaks Into a Sprint, But Its MLP Lags Behind: Gadfly
(Tuesday, January 03, 2017) One thing's for sure: Elliott Management ruined Christmas for a lot of folks.

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