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Will Texas Ship Crude to California?
(Thursday, April 17, 2014) Texas is eyeing the possibility of shipping its excess crude oil to California, a state that historically imports from the Middle East and Ecuador.

Eni, Ukraine Agree On Need To Increase Gas Production
(Thursday, April 17, 2014) Eni's outgoing chief executive met Ukraine's energy minister to agree on the need to increase gas production in the country, which is at the center of escalating tensions with Russia.

EU Agrees To Putin's Call For Gas Security Talks
(Thursday, April 17, 2014) The European Union is willing to hold talks with Moscow and Kiev on gas security as the bloc scrambles to defuse a deep political crisis over Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Kemp: Why Hubbert Was Wrong. US Petroleum Production In 2014
(Thursday, April 17, 2014) Production of crude oil, gas and condensates in the United States is on course to a hit a record this year, passing the previous peak set in 1972.

Iran Oil Exports Fall For First Time In Five Months
(Thursday, April 17, 2014) Iran's crude oil exports fell for the first time in five months in March, and are slated to drop further in April.

East Africa: Global Oil & Gas Export Hub by 2020?
(Wednesday, April 16, 2014) Three countries harbor ambitions to make this a reality.

Evolution Or Revolution? LNG And The Railroads: Kemp
(Tuesday, April 15, 2014) Just as diesel locomotives ousted steam trains in the middle of the 20th century, LNG could replace diesel in the 21st.

Israeli Gas Holds Promise of Better Ties with Neighbors
(Monday, April 14, 2014) Israel's drive to export its new-found natural gas could help to rebuild strained ties with old regional allies Egypt and Turkey, but could deprive Europe of a precious alternative to Russian gas.

Senate Energy Leaders Call For Reports Into U.S. Crude Export Ban
(Friday, April 11, 2014) Senate energy committee leaders on Friday asked the Department of Energy to prepare reports examining issues relating to the country's ban on exporting crude amid record oil and gas production.

U.S. Crude Exports Could Counter Russia In 90 Days -Hess CEO
(Friday, April 11, 2014) The United States could give Europe and Ukraine relief from energy dependence on Russia within months if it overturned the 40-year ban on most U.S. crude oil exports, the head of Hess Corp. said on Thursday.

Toyota Gas Cars Get Efficient Engine From Hybrids
(Thursday, April 10, 2014) Toyota said the new engine will deliver 10 percent better fuel efficiency than comparable current engines.

BP Says Can Act As Bridge Between Russia And West
(Thursday, April 10, 2014) BP can help enhance relations between Russia and the West and is talking to politicians across the world, executives say.

Kemp: Shale Revolution Reverses Global Energy Flow
(Wednesday, April 09, 2014) The United States has replaced OPEC as the marginal petroleum supplier to the world thanks to the shale revolution and improvements in automotive fuel efficiency.

Ride To Lower Costs For LNG-run Trucks Rockier Than Expected
(Wednesday, April 09, 2014) There are signs that broader adoption is falling short of initial expectations.

Scant Relief: Summer Gas Prices to Dip A Penny
(Tuesday, April 08, 2014) Drivers will get the slightest of breaks on gasoline prices this summer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Energy Companies Need Insurance Cover For Cyber Attack 'Time Bomb'
(Tuesday, April 08, 2014) Energy companies have no insurance against major cyber attacks, reinsurance broker Willis says, likening the threat to a "time bomb" that could cost the industry billions of dollars.

Many Nations Wary of Extracting Carbon From Air To Fix Climate
(Tuesday, April 08, 2014) Extracting carbon is untested as a climate fix, many say.

As Japan Weighs Energy Options, Costs Mount for Idled Reactors
(Tuesday, April 08, 2014) Japan's bill is coming due for an unbudgeted consequence of the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl - shutting down the nation's 48 remaining nuclear reactors for costly safety reviews that could see many of them mothballed.

Russell: Australian LNG Investment Is At Risk, But Not As Much As Feared
(Tuesday, April 08, 2014) The Australian oil and gas industry is telling everybody that a second wave of investment in LNG plants is at risk unless labor and regulatory costs are cut.

Vanishing Volatility Signals Oil Market Shift: Kemp
(Monday, April 07, 2014) The oil market has rarely been so quiet.

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