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The Naurex Group consists of a group of companies engaged in supplying qualified people on contract assignments for management and technical assistance to various industries including, but not limited to, Oil &


· Naurex Resources, registered in France, located at Six-Fours-Les-Plages (France)

· Naurex S.A.M. (Society Anonymous from Monaco, also called BEAT), registered and located in Monaco

· BIH (for BEAT International Holding limited) registered in the British Virgin Islands

* ESPACIE Services, in Luanda, Angola and * SIDC in Port-Gentil, Gabon are more specifically engaged in providing inspection and Non Destructive Testing services, and act as a local commercial and logistic support to the Naurex Group in their respective area.

Naurex Resources is the recruitment and people logistics company of the Naurex Group, specialising in the Oil & Gas industry, both offshore and onshore, marine and diving services, nuclear and other industries with particular emphasis given to the offshore. Naurex Resources is also contracted by the other companies of the group to assume their commercial activity.

Naurex S.A.M. is the company who contracts and manages Techical Assistance services with the clients of the Group.

Selected personnel is contracted either through Naurex S.A.M. under French law contracts or by BIH on international basis.

These companies together employ several hundred people per month ranging from managers to technicians through to divers and marine staff.

Through the Naurex Group of companies, Naurex Resources provides people to the worldwide industry, from design engineering to production, for office project work as well as operations.

In order to provide their clients with the most experienced and motivated personnel, NAUREX aim to keep their mark-up on net salary and insurance costs to the lowest possible level The technical assistance services provided by the Naurex Group include all phases of industrial projects, from design and engineering studies to start-up and personnel training. The consultants in charge of the technical assistance include project managers, design and project engineers, supervisors, experimented technicians, welders, pipers, mechanical engineers, electronics specialists and engineers, electricians, logistics specialists, QA/QC and HSE supervisors and engineers, process technicians, marine specialists from certified first class captains and DP specialists to deck leaders, divers, security advisors and officers, etc…

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